Local Services & Vendors

Following is a list of companies and vendors that service our community.  If you have any suggestions for additional companies, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page!  Please note that the companies listed are community recommendations and not endorsed by the Parkland Estates HOA.


Home Repair

  • Mailbox Repair (official vendor):  Beautiful Mailbox Company
    2360 W 76th St
    Hialeah, FL 33016
    Broward: (954) 271-1627
  • Handyman:  Tom Zukowski
    (954) 461-9305
  • Electrician:  PMA Electric
    (954) 341-1655
  • Garage Repair:  Florida Garage Door Company
    (954) 384-6002
  • Air Conditioning:  Above Air
    (954) 341-0816


  • Any maid service recommendations?
  • Trash bin cleaning and sanitizing: 
    The Bin Doctor
    Spiro Edgos
    Trash Bin Sanitizing Service

Pool Maintenance

  • PoolCare USA
    9689 NW 59th Ct., Parkland, FL 33076
    (954) 796-9797

Appliance Repair

Home Security

  • Home Security Monitoring:  CAT
  • Home Security Monitoring:  ADT
  • Residential Cameras/CCTV:  CSI


  • Landscaping:  Blue Team Landscaping
    Bozkurt “Boz” Alpugan
    (954) 588-7981
  • Sprinkler Repair:  Southern Pump and Sprinkler
    (954) 340-8700

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