Parkland Completes Hurricane Debris Pick-Up

City Returns to Regular Trash, Horticulture, and Bulk Pick-Up

Late Sunday City crews—working 12-hour shifts seven days a week—completed Hurricane Irma vegetative debris pick-up from the City’s public streets, public areas, and private communities. The debris, now collected at the Equestrian Center, will be chipped and hauled out of the City. This operation will continue for several weeks.

The City now resumes all regular trash, horticulture, and bulk pick-up. Any remaining debris will be part of regular Waste Management services. Consistent with that—debris should not be curbside prior to the next bulk pick-up the week of October 23rd. This means the City’s Code Enforcement will be enforcing violations to our normal processes. information and a link to Parkland’s bulk pick-up schedule.

With the transition back to Waste Management services, the contracted debris removal vehicles have left the City and gone to high-need areas elsewhere in Florida. If you or your residents have any questions, please reach out to the City at 954.753.5040.

Carole Morris, Intergovernmental Relations Officer

Parkland Dash

Congratulations to Parkland Estates residents Suresh Geer, Ravi Thuraisingham, and Rick Lievano for placing in the top 3 of their respective age categories during last Sunday’s Parkland Dash.  We have some fast llamas in the neighborhood!

Debris cleanup in Parkland Estates has begun!

The cleanup crew began removing Hurricane Irma debris this morning.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to load the truck to capacity and the truck left full around noon.  About 12 houses — all on right side of Majestic Trail — had their debris removed, leaving behind only a nice patch of dead grass.  Let’s hope the cleanup crew returns soon to finish the job!

Ten Disaster Recovery Trucks Now Working in Parkland Removing Debris

Despite limited resources due to high-need in hard hit areas, on Saturday, September 16th crews started the arduous task of picking up debris. Ten debris removal trucks are now in our City working long hours and will remain here until the job is done.

In just a few days these trucks have picked up more than 7,000 cubic yards of debris. Their top priority is removing the nearly 175,000 cubic yards of debris that litter our main roads and public areas.

On Wednesday, September 20th at 2:00pm, the City of Parkland City Commission will hold a special meeting to discuss additional means of removing debris from our neighborhoods.

The City’s agreements with post-storm contractors are in place and playing out as scheduled. City officials are committed to removing all debris as quickly as possible—this includes, but is not limited to, seeking FEMA reimbursement for debris removal in areas not typically covered by FEMA.

City of Parkland Hurricane Irma Update

While City of Parkland (City) crews continue follow-up work in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, all City facilities—including parks—will be open beginning Tuesday, September 12th.

Waste Management will resume its regular garbage pick-up Tuesday as well. Their service will begin with those customers whose pick-up was missed Friday due to the hurricane and will then move through Tuesday’s customers. THIS IS REGULAR GARBAGE PICK-UP ONLY, NOT VEGETATION AND TREE TRIMINGS, AND THERE WILL NOT BE RECYCLING PICK-UP. Recycling collection will resume Monday, September 18th.

The Back to School Splash Bash scheduled for Saturday, September 16th has been canceled.

Florida Power and Light (FPL) has been notified of all power outages in Parkland and is in the City addressing them. FPL has assured us they will make every effort to expedite this process for the comfort of their customers.

The City’s curfew is no longer in effect.


The entry and exit gates will remain open until after the threat of Hurricane Irma passes. This will ensure that residents and emergency vehicles can easily access the community in the event of a lengthy power outage.