HOA Annual/Budget Meeting

Dear Owners,
Please join us for the Associations Annual/Budget Meeting on December 6, 2018 at 7:00PM at the community gazebo.
Thank you,
Melissa Cutrone, LCAM

Concerned about the pontential traffic due to the proposed charter school?

A resolution to approve a Special Exception Use application to allow a charter school to be built located in the Northwest quadrant of the intersection of Hillsboro Blvd and University Dr.  Currently the land is zoned for commercial use, ie shops, restaurants, business offices, etc.  On November 9th, 2017 the Planning and Zoning Board voted to NOT recommend the Special Exception.  The Applicant withdrew their request and came up with a new plan.  That was presented August 9th, 2018.  The P&Z advisory board voted to recommend the Special Exemption this time.  The City Commission meets on September 5th at 5:00 PM and September 6th at 5:00 PM in a quasi judicial process to ultimately decide the matter .

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HOA Board Meeting on August 30

Once again, we welcome our neighbor’s to the monthly HOA meeting held in the Community Gazebo by the inside lake.  Bring a chair, a cold drink, and great ideas to make our neighborhood better!

Where:  Community Gazebo
Date:  Thu Aug 30
Time:  7:00pm

HOA Board Meeting on June 4

The Parkland Estates HOA will hold its next meeting on June 4th 7:00pm at the Community Gazebo.  Bring your lawn chair and meet your neighbors! Please plan to attend and help make our beautiful neighborhood even better!

Reminder on recent Parkland auto thefts

The Broward Sheriff’s Office-Parkland District (BSO-Parkland) is addressing a trend of vehicle thefts that have taken place in Parkland and throughout Broward County.  This is a County-wide problem to which Parkland is not immune.  In all Parkland instances, the stolen vehicles have been unlocked and the key FOB has been left inside.  While simple common sense measures can prevent residents’ vehicles from being stolen, BSO-Parkland is undertaking a public awareness campaign to aid the effort. 

 Part of this effort is offering to make presentations to residents organized by HOAs.  This may be aligned with your regular association meeting, though, as you know, BSO-Parkland attends those regularly and they are not always well-attended.  The goal is to present to as many residents as possible—but rest assured BSO-Parkland is anxious to present to any gatherings you organize.

 While this may seem like a benign trend to some, keep in mind garage door openers are almost always stored in vehicles thereby affording criminals access to the vehicle owner’s home. 

 It is our hope you will help BSO-Parkland educate the community by reaching out to them to schedule a community awareness meeting.  Captain Jan Jordan and Lieutenant Mike DeVita can be reached for scheduling at 954.753.5050.   

Carole Morris, Intergovernmental Relations Officer
City of Parkland
6600 University Drive
Parkland, FL  33067
Telephone:  954.757.4114

HOA meeting tonight

Good morning! I just wanted to remind everyone we have an HOA meeting this evening, 7 pm at the Parkland Library. Please try and be on time. We will keep the meeting brief. Thank you in advance. See you guys tonight!