Entrance Landscaping Re-design

The HOA is in the process of improving the entrance of our community by redesigning the landscaping.  Following are some pictures of what’s planned.

This will be on the bottom center island as you enter the neighborhood
It will also be on both right and left side as you face the community on bottom, towards back of stone wall.
This is a tree bearing red flower for 11 months out of the year. There will be four of these trees ordered. There will be two on each side of the entrance, on the right and left sides where it states “PARKLAND ESTATES”
These red crotons will be on the top of the center island where the two Medjool dates palms are currently planted. They will replace the green bushes that are currently there under the bougainvillea trees.

These three plans will sit in between the red trees that I sent earlier just as shown in this pic
These will be the annual plants that will be in the beds planted as usual
He will place three rows of these instead of the two he has been placing for the past one year as he was initially requested to r Duce the bed size and explained that is not good for size of beds needed.
This is another picture of those four trees with red flowers on them with Bozz planted.

He will also add Podocarpus bush in the front of the gatehouse that will wrap around both sides on the entrance and exit French sliding doors on gate house. He will trim back the junipers that are currently on the backside of the gatehouse. On the exit side he will also cut back the foliage that is blocking full view of the lake as he reports this is long overdue.