Parkland Completes Hurricane Debris Pick-Up

City Returns to Regular Trash, Horticulture, and Bulk Pick-Up

Late Sunday City crews—working 12-hour shifts seven days a week—completed Hurricane Irma vegetative debris pick-up from the City’s public streets, public areas, and private communities. The debris, now collected at the Equestrian Center, will be chipped and hauled out of the City. This operation will continue for several weeks.

The City now resumes all regular trash, horticulture, and bulk pick-up. Any remaining debris will be part of regular Waste Management services. Consistent with that—debris should not be curbside prior to the next bulk pick-up the week of October 23rd. This means the City’s Code Enforcement will be enforcing violations to our normal processes. information and a link to Parkland’s bulk pick-up schedule.

With the transition back to Waste Management services, the contracted debris removal vehicles have left the City and gone to high-need areas elsewhere in Florida. If you or your residents have any questions, please reach out to the City at 954.753.5040.

Carole Morris, Intergovernmental Relations Officer

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