Ten Disaster Recovery Trucks Now Working in Parkland Removing Debris

Despite limited resources due to high-need in hard hit areas, on Saturday, September 16th crews started the arduous task of picking up debris. Ten debris removal trucks are now in our City working long hours and will remain here until the job is done.

In just a few days these trucks have picked up more than 7,000 cubic yards of debris. Their top priority is removing the nearly 175,000 cubic yards of debris that litter our main roads and public areas.

On Wednesday, September 20th at 2:00pm, the City of Parkland City Commission will hold a special meeting to discuss additional means of removing debris from our neighborhoods.

The City’s agreements with post-storm contractors are in place and playing out as scheduled. City officials are committed to removing all debris as quickly as possible—this includes, but is not limited to, seeking FEMA reimbursement for debris removal in areas not typically covered by FEMA.

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